Wiktor calls his bags primitive objects. The leather is rough, the zipper coarse and it looks impeccable. And in the beginning they leave stains. Until now there was neither a brand nor a website, only a few badly exposed photos taken by a mobile phone. And then Wiktor asked me if I wanted to test his werk2s and develop a brand together with him.

While sitting at Schmuckplatz sipping a cappuccino, we defined the rules of the game for the werkschwarz’ brand.  Reduced image worlds, nothing superfluous, black and white contrasts, trying to capture a workshop character, not too much penis because of instagram.

A block of natural body butter, 400g of magnesium carbonate, a half an hour of shaving, one hour of greasing and powdering, nine hours of shooting. And after two hours of cleaning we might still find something of the white powder in our office. Or in my werk2s.

Lasse Schlegel on bags, cleaning and magnesium powder in the office.


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Jan Schölzel


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