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I meet Bernd Meyer, the former Bremen Senator of the Interior, in the offices of VDW real estate Association at Leibnizufer in Hanover. He comes over as one of these “noble” representatives from the Hanseatic towns of Northern Germany, while at the same time seeming humorous and a man of action.  We were invited to the pitch and after reviewing and evaluating the results, he informs us clearly and directly of his decision: “We’re going to do this together now”. Full stop. It was that simple and we have acquired our first major customer.

For the housing sector “NOW together” means working on topics that the association then presents to its members. We are expected to develop concepts, designs and images, always being humorous, drastic or impulsive. And never recycle the same old stuff but always be innovative.

Axel Born on his first Hesse-Hanseatic cities summit meeting


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