UNESCO Visitor Centre at Fagus Factory

I’m on holiday in Amsterdam. The mobile phone rings. The others are impatient. I tell them nobody has to wait for me. I find an empty seat in a corner just in front of the window of a minuscule room on the sixth floor of a skyscraper. The CEO of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Fagus Factory is on the line. We had presented a concept for a visitor centre. The expert board has chosen it… Silence. Yes, that’s great news, we’re delighted. Wow, such a sentence is so stupid. But said that’s what I said, too late.

A little later we’re in the car to Alfeld to meet the stakeholders. We know the premises, as we have already curated and designed a permanent exhibition for them. On the factory grounds the janitor comes towards us. He waves his hands, indicating that we should come to him. He leads us to the floor where the topic forest is on display in the permanent exhibition. On the way there we are warmly greeted by employees we met during the last project. Upon arrival we see a laid table with everything a good breakfast has to offer. For two hours we sit in the forest, enjoying all the goodies.

On the way back, we ask ourselves whether the history of the factory, its architecture and the principles of the company founder explain this unique and cordial atmosphere. I think that would be too simple. Ultimately, it’s always the people behind it that make the difference.

Martina Scheitenberger on calls received on holiday and old acquaintances


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