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When I met Thom, it was summer, the barbecue was struggling with the corn on cob and we held a beer in our hands. My T-shirt was turquoise and just short enough for my belt to be visible. Why am I telling this? Because this customer relationship and friendship not only changed the fashion label, but also my entire wardrobe.

With the online shop, we not only wanted to establish Direct Selling for thom/krom, but also to replace the previous image website, which worked as a showreel for the latest campaign photos. In the course of this process, I dealt with the label intensively. In addition to user guidance and screen design, we also worked closely with Thom on the brand itself: packaging concepts and wording for example.

After four months, the project was completed. And I had also got rid of my last colourful T-shirt. The Night is your Friend.

Lasse Schlegel on colourful T-shirts and an online shop


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