KissMe Career Fair

KissMe and I are celebrating our fifth anniversary this year. This is how long I have been taking care of this volunteer student organization of the VDI Hannover engineering association. And I think I would deserve to be made an “honorary member”. So far, only one other person has earned this title: the frog itself. Since most of the members leave the organisation after completing their studies, the team is newly formed every year. Nevertheless, some rituals remain untouched. Chilling together in the park, for example. Or candlelight presentations with popcorn, beer and up to 17 team members (a record!) at the office.

For five years now, we have been reinterpreting the fairy tale of the Frog Prince, buying one dubious prop after the other for our key visual (and then even wearing the whole thing) and reserving expensive and beautiful items with “I’ll buy it when I’m rich” stickers. And so that we don’t have to go on producing 578 kilograms of printed fair catalogues, our new interactive online job portal will be ready for use this year. This is what a student organization does – I can only guess, because I never went to university.

Lasse Schlegel about working for and with a student organization


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