Huangart – Fine coffee roasting

I met Simon when I travelled to Austria with my former girlfriend. We were five people sitting in his apartment, until some of us left to do some shopping. Simon and I remained, sitting at the new Rocket coffee machine and chatting about this miraculous device. At that time I was surprised to discover how mild espresso can be, and I still marvel about this when a small package of coffee beans finds its way to our office at Christmas time.

The conversation about acidity in coffee turned into a conversation about preparation, roasting and the location he wanted to renovate – six months before the scheduled opening. Simon told me that he would prefer to label his bags himself. Two months later the first stamps and labels went into print.

Huangart, by the way, is Tyrolean dialect for “having a chat”. (The “n” is not pronounced.)

Lasse Schlegel on a coffee trip to Austria


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