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Goodbye designagenten

Hello Hunger & Koch. On 1 May 2019 we changed the name of our company and informed all friends and customers about the new name and the reasons for the change. We did it in a friendly way, sending everyone postcards. We have known most of our customers for many years. Real relationships have developed since, and “relationships” was exactly our keyword.

We acted out and filmed four of the most important (relationship) questions: “What did you do?”, “Why now?”, “Have you changed so much?”, “What will happen to me now?”

We deleted the old website. After all, this name no longer exists. Instead, one of the four videos is uploaded randomly when you visit the site. Whenever you scroll, you get our answers and are forwarded to Hunger & Koch.

By the way, our postcards arrived at our friends and clients on 30 April 2019, one day before we changed our name to Hunger & Koch. Our motto was: “Today is the last day before tomorrow”.


Lasse Schlegel about our activities before May Day.

What did you do?

Why now?

Did you change that way?

What will happen to me now?


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