Ahlem Memorial

Tenders are tough: 47 pages of text, 16 attachments, numerous forms to be completed and: the idea. It should be compelling and come across. We visualize the building, its history, the expectations of the jury. What should be our emphasis? What can we highlight as a unique feature, keeping in mind all the requirements? Where can we excel? 

Months later. I have just taken the lawnmower out of the garage. Then a phone call abruptly interrupts my routine. Virtually out of the blue I am informed that we have won the European tender. I have to sit down and breathe deeply. Amidst twittering birds and while looking into the garden, I have been informed about the result. We have been chosen in an anonymous procedure. In the last round, the choice was between 30 groups of scenographers, construction and landscape architects from several countries. And to be the winner in our own city, unbelievable!

Shortly afterwards, we arrive at the offices of the Region of Hanover for a first meeting. We are introduced to the President of the Region, the director of the Ahlem memorial and other employees. All of us sit around a large table to discuss the concept of the site. We, who until now have only been an anonymous  number among many competitors, are now sitting opposite our future client. It doesn’t happen too often that there is a fundamental consensus on a project right from the start. This is the case here. And that is why it is no coincidence that the competition draft is so strongly reflected in the memorial today.

Martina Scheitenberger on the design of the memorial


Concept (participated in development)
Graphic design



Niedersächsischer Staatspreis für Architektur
Engere Auswahl

BDA-Preis Niedersachsen



ahrens & grabenhorst

chora blau
Landscape architecture

Fahlke & Dettmer
Illumination planning

Intermedia Engineering
Media planning and programming


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